Some Good Stuff

Chris was accepted by University of Washington! We are ecstatic! Now all we have to do is pay for it!

I’m NOT Getting Sick

I DON’T have a sore throat. Chris DOESN’T have a sore throat.

Do you hear me?

This isn’t happening.

3 Weeks Later…

I turned 52 on Jan. 10. This, in itself, is not traumatizing, chronologically, but it’s just that my mother died when she was 52. (I just typed a bunch of stuff about her, then deleted it. I will review the year of 1987 at some point. ) Other stuff that has happened within the last three weeks…

Arthritis is acting up in my left knee.

Got the financial aid form submitted for Chris’s college applications. This is big, because it will be the only way he can go to college.  UW, here he comes!

The First Best Thing to Happen to Moi

My daughters. Twin girls, born on Halloween 1979. Long story as to the drama that happened preceding their birth and after…giving them up for adoption, letting them go to a foster home, finally listening to God and realizing that yes, I could be their mother and give them a good life, even though I wasn’t married. I’ll relate the details later.

Janna is on the left. Carolyn is on the right. Wonderful girls, they are.

El Primer Dia Del Ano Y La Cumpleano Del Mijo

Today, 18 years ago, my son was born. One of two of the best days of my life. Chris is a total joy, surprise, confusion, frustration…all the things that go along with being a parent. He’s an amazingly smart boy (kvelling alert!), has gotten all A’s since 8th grade. I have no idea where the brains came from, maybe they skipped me and came from my dad. However he got them, he’s a cool kid. Feliz Cumpleanos, mi sweety!


I screwed up. Pls go to the next post. Kthxbye.


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